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My name is Nicolas Steenhout.
I speak, train, and consult about inclusion, accessibility and disability.

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A11y Rules Podcast

I met a lot of very interesting people involved with web accessibility over the years. I’ve wanted to get to know more about these wonderful folks. So I’m having conversations with people involved, directly or not, with web accessibility. Developers, project managers, designers, people with disabilities. These exchanges make for interesting content and I’m sharing them with you in a podcast format.

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The podcasts will be free for anyone to listen.

These conversations are not, generally speaking, going to be technical how to guides, but more of an exploration of how people became involved with web accessibility, what they think it means, what the challenges are, etc.


I’m hosting the podcasts on Patreon. Creating valuable content takes time and resources. I would appreciate your support if you find value in these podcasts.

Patreon’s accessibility

Unfortunately, Patreon isn’t the most accessible of platforms. I acknowledge that as well as the irony of an accessibility specialist using a platform that leaves some to be desired from an accessibility perspective. There are no other platforms like Patreon.

I have approached the Patreon folks about these issues. They told me:

Perfect and thank you for reaching out. We have done some scoping of accessibility, enough to know how bad we are at it. We are spinning up a team that would officially own this aspect of our product, including other frontend infrastructure. Now that we’ve grown to much greater reach than ever before, creator and patron accessibility is super important to us moving forward.

So there’s hope for the future. Of course, things tend to move slowly with these large projects. I appreciate your patience!

If you are having issues accessing the podcasts, or becoming a patron, please contact me.

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