Part of a Whole

My name is Nicolas Steenhout.
I speak, train, and consult about inclusion, accessibility and disability.

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Writing on Ragged Edge

Here are some links to prior writings of mine on disablity rights, and Independent Living issues, published in Ragged Edge Magazine.

I’m getting a service dog. So what? (Issue 2 & 3, 2002)
Discussion the reactions of some of my colleagues with disabilities when I acquired a service dog.
A Confrontation. (Ragged Edge Extra. 2002)
Describing the events surrounding a confrontation with neighbours and subsequent involvement by the local police.
Disability Community? What Disability Community? (May/June 2003)
In which I posit that there isn’t really a disability community.
Are independent living centers just glorified sheltered workshops? (September/October 2003)
The title says it all… Somewhat controversial piece that seems to have struck a cord.