Part of a Whole

My name is Nicolas Steenhout.
I speak, train, and consult about inclusion, accessibility and disability.

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As an experienced accessibility consultant that has worked in this field with a variety of clients for nearly two decades, I am particularly well placed to help your organization improve its understanding of accessibility.

Using a no-nonsense approach, I assist and advise on how to create an inclusive vision for your company and develop accessibility policies. I also work with you on elaborating specific transition plans towards improved accessibility.

Areas of expertise

  1. Auditing – I take no nonsense approach to identifying the accessibility issues on your website, web based app or platform. I provide you with clear and actionable information about what barriers are on your site, why they are a problem, and provide ideas on how to fix.
  2. Training – I am an expert trainer on the topics of web accessibility and disability awareness.
  3. Strategic consultation – I help you create a culture of accessibility and think strategically about accessibility.