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I’m Not Cured Because I Don’t Believe In God

Something funny, errr, sad happened at the grocery store. I was waiting in line to get to the cashier to pay for my stuff. I was behind two elderly ladies who were gossiping at one another. I wasn’t really paying attention until I heard one mention Obama.

This lady was talking about Obama’s directive to Medicare/Medicaid funded hospital to grant visitation right to same-sex partners. She was expressing how shamefull it was that this "Black President" was just making too many changes to the proper social structure of America!!! Went on saying that the "homo-sex-uals" should not be granted visitation rights. It was up to them to "choose another lifestyle" if they weren’t happy with being kept out of hospital rooms! Yep, lifestyle choice.

If I hadn’t been sitting, I’d have fallen on my butt!!! But that was not the best part of my trip to the grocery store.

She turned to me, and spoke. Note: I had never met this woman before. I had not addressed this woman at all. I’ll admit, I eavesdropped on her conversation, but that’s the extent of our "acquaintance". She said this:

"Do you believe in God? Probably not, otherwise He would have Cured you."

I assume she was speaking about the fact I’m sitting in a wheelchair, because I’m straight as an arrow (although not narrow), and in any case, nobody’s got the “gay” label stamped on their forehead!

I was flabbergasted. Speechless. My brain experienced a "fatal hardware fault", and I had to reboot myself. By the time I’d cleared my head again, they were gone and it was my turn to check out my purchases.

It’s people like those that give Christians a bad name. Maybe they are related to those folks in the States that told me that "God punished you, and I hope He punishes you some more”.

5 thoughts on “I’m Not Cured Because I Don’t Believe In God

  1. Just like God cures all the people with cancer and other ailments… Obviously, even among the Christian there are tens of millions of people who just don’t believe well enough or aren’t praying hard enough. :-P

  2. That’s rough man, damn.

    I can’t even imagine. On any level though – I can’t even imagine how someone could really believe something like that. Obviously some people do.

    Were either of them using a walker, or cane, or anything? I bet they’re both on meds if they’re really old. But who needs logic.

  3. “So all good Christians die from old age, right?”
    “Too bad, your God doesn’t heal you from hate. I thought he preached love. I guess you don’t have enough faith.”
    “You are such a great witness to God of love. Oh, scratch that, god of hate?”

    Nic, I would have been as blank as you were. Totally shocked. Will have to memorise a few sentences when I get a comment like you did.

    Christianity teaches to love sinners, that means to love everybody. Even the homosexuals and wheelchair users. That lady had nothing to do with being a Christian.

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