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Jack Kevorkian Dies at Age 83

The Atlantic Wire reports that Jack Kevorkian died today. I have mixed feelings on Dr. Death’s end. I cannot rejoice that a man has died. Yet, I will rest easier now that a mass murderer cannot advocate killing of people with disabilities.

The Detroit Free Press reports that his attorney says Dr. Death suffered a pulmonary thrombosis from a dislodged blood clot.

The Atlantic Wire states Kevorkian killed 130 people over his "carreer". Mostly women. Mostly not in terminal phases of illnesses. In fact, most of them with disabilities no more severe than my own. When I first wrote about his murders, the admitted number was 110. He was charged several times, faced court 3 times, and was acquitted. It is only on the 4th trial (all for killing different people) that he was found guilty and sentenced to jail.

Stephen Drake over at Not Dead Yet said in a press release:

Approximately ten years after his attorney filed the first of four annual appeals for early prison release repeatedly claiming Kevorkian had less than a year to live, Jack Kevorkian died today at the age of 83.

Interesting. He was "terminal", with less than a year to live. Yet, he managed to live a whole decade. He managed to continue his work, his pro-euthanasia advocacy. I wonder how many "terminal" people he killed could have had another decade of full, active happy lives.

I’m not jumping for joy. I’m not saying "good riddance". But I am breathing a sigh of relief. We’re not out of the woods yet. Too many advocates of so-called mercy killings are still out there, such as Peter Singer and Sir Terry Pratchett.