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Jetstar In Good Company Discriminating Against Passengers With Disabilities

The UK Telegraph just reported that the European Union is under pressure to enforce equality rules on airlines. It appears that it’s not just Jetstar that is discriminating against passengers with disabilities. It is enough of a problem in Europe that a complaint was lodged by Shuaib Chalklen – a wheelchair user who happens to be a United Nations Disability Rights Monitor.

Mr. Chalklen lodged a complaint with the EU commission after he was told he couldn’t fly with Swiss Airways – because he didn’t have someone to care for him. The Telegraph article reports similar situations with Ryanair. There are complaints flying in fast and furious (pun intended).

While this is happening in Europe, and the EU Commission is looking at changing/enforcing regulations, Jetstar is continuing to discriminate against passengers with disabilities. Nothing is being done – a couple news report on current affairs shows, and that’s about it. If you haven’t seen the long series of discriminatory actions taken by Jetstar, you can read some of them on this blog:

So, Jetstar isn’t the only airline to behave that way. At least they are looking at changing things in Europe. Something needs to be done here as well. What can we do to make Jetstar change its behaviour towards passengers with disabilities?