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I speak, train, and consult about inclusion, accessibility and disability.

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Montreal in the snow

Today is our second real snow of the season. It’s really pretty. Jolly hard work getting through, but it’s pretty.

For my friends in Noo Zeeland and Aussie :)

Snow on the path to the building's entrance
Even though the concierge has been shoveling snow, the wind is piling snow near the door.

Mini snow plow for sidewalks
These things are referred to as snow tanks, though they don’t use metal tracks anymore. My inner kid is certainly rebelling – they were so much cooler before! Designed to clear sidewalks.

Sidewalk with snow drift blocking way
This was cleared about 5 hours ago. Already the snow piling back on, impassable even for people on foot!

Snow tank tracks veering off the sidewalk into the street.
I can’t comprehend why the snow tank didn’t just keep going on the sidewalk, that’s what they are supposed to do. Instead, it stopped and went on the street. Doh.

Sidewalk recently cleared of snow
Right after the snow tank has been by, the sidewalk is somewhat usable.

WOman pushing a toddler in a pram
Pushing a baby in a stroller is hard work! Not sure why she didn’t just strap the baby to her back!

Adult and a kid walking, carrying toboggans
These two were obviously tobogganing recently :)

Parked car covered in snow
I’m so glad I don’t own a car at the moment. It would be sheer hell getting it out of the snow bank.

Man shoveling snow away from his car
I just can’t see myself shovelling the car out of the snowbank like that.

Fire hydrant in the snow
Big bright yellow markers to tell the fireman where the hydrants are, because they

Mum and young kids on the street.
Families having to walk on the street. I think I’ll get myself a hi-viz vest to wear in situations like these.

Car with windshield wipers sticking up.
Lots of people leave their car wipers up, so when they remove snow/ice from the windshield, they don’t rip the wipers off. This guy put plastic in the hopes of easing the job later on.

Car cleared of snow
This car was obviously cleared recently. I hope the owner is going out soon because it won’t be long before the job has to be redone :D. Did I mention I’m glad I don’t own a car right now :D