Jetstar In Good Company Discriminating Against Passengers With Disabilities

The UK Telegraph just reported that the European Union is under pressure to enforce equality rules on airlines. It appears that it’s not just Jetstar that is discriminating against passengers with disabilities. It is enough of a problem in Europe that a complaint was lodged by Shuaib Chalklen – a wheelchair user who happens to be a United Nations Disability Rights Monitor.

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Jetstar Continually Fails Passengers With Disabilities

Today the New Zealand Herald published an article about an apology from budget airline Jetstar – they apologised for ‘inhumane’ treatment of a passenger asking a refund on a flight because of the 22 February 2011 earthquake that hits Christchurch (which, incidentally, has killed 160 people at the time of this writing).

The story is appaling – but the cynical part of me just isn’t surprised. It isn’t the first time I hear about that airline treating people badly. Of interest to me here, is the multiple stories of Jetstar treating passengers with disabilities like crap.

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