Jetstar Continually Fails Passengers With Disabilities

Today the New Zealand Herald published an article about an apology from budget airline Jetstar – they apologised for ‘inhumane’ treatment of a passenger asking a refund on a flight because of the 22 February 2011 earthquake that hits Christchurch (which, incidentally, has killed 160 people at the time of this writing).

The story is appaling – but the cynical part of me just isn’t surprised. It isn’t the first time I hear about that airline treating people badly. Of interest to me here, is the multiple stories of Jetstar treating passengers with disabilities like crap.

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Presenting About “The Evolution of Assistive Technology into Everyday Products”

I’ve just been notified that my paper submission to the New Zealand Computer Society "Celebrating 50 Years of ICT Innovation" conference, to be held in Rotorua in the middle of September. This presentation will be quite different from my usual "web accessibility" dog-and-pony show :)

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A Rather Healthy Attitude Towards Wheelchairs

I spent a week at the Linux.Conf.Au 2010 conference in Wellington last week There were nearly 700 "geeks" all over the place. It was a good week on many levels, with one highlight that I hadn’t expected – throughout the week people were interested in my wheelchair. But it was a geek’s curiousity, not crass curiousity – it was good.

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