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Wheelchair Users Are Good For Cake!

Kids have a cool view of the world. A colleague told me today that I caused "problems" with her daughter when I gave her a pastry a couple months ago.

This colleague had brought her five year old to work, because the kid wasn’t feeling all that good. I had stopped at the French bakery in the morning to order some croissants, chocolate croissants, and danishes for the weekend. The owner gave me a mille-feuilles. It was still very good, but looked a bit too old to be in the display cabinet. I was planning on bringing it home at the end of the day. But a sick child’s need seemed more important to me.

And so I gave the pastry to my colleague for her daughter. Apparently the kid just *loved* it. No surprise there, who doesn’t like puff pastry layered with thick custard, and covered with fondant icing?

Fast forward to today. I asked my colleague how her child was doing. She said that the kid was doing just fine. But that I’d caused a problem with her.

Apparently, this 5 year old girl is now going up to every wheelchair user she sees and asks them if they have cake for her!!!

You gotta love kids :)

2 thoughts on “Wheelchair Users Are Good For Cake!

  1. That’s too funny!

    I don’t have a reputation for cake but kids realize after one downhill ride that I’m a speed demon with an available lap. 8-)

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