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wUnderGlow – Neat Gadget to Improve Wheelchair Safety

3 months ago, I heard about a new gadget that could improve safety for wheelchair users at night by improving their visibility – wUnderGlow. wUnderGlow is a tiny light that clips anywhere you want on your wheelchair. It is quite powerful for something that tiny. I immediately thought it would be something that could be useful when I’m stuck crossing parking lots in the dark.

wUnderGlow wheelchair light
Photo courtesy wUnderGlow

Shortly after I tweeted about it, the owner of the company contacted me and it wasn’t long before I received my very own wUnderGlow! Here I must apologise to them, I’d promised a review and I’ve been remiss. Between "life" and the fact I didn’t go out at night, I haven’t had a chance to do a proper review.

As it hasn’t been long that it is night when I leave work, hence get to the grocery store in the dark, I haven’t used it a lot yet. I will, because what I’ve seen so far is good.

I first turned the wUnderGlow on when we got it. There’s a warning that says it’s bright and to keep away from direct line of sight. They were NOT kidding! Geesh, blinded myself! :) The other thing is, it’s VERY light.

I’ve clipped it under my seat, pointing at the ground. I used the coloured light, rather than the white one. Gives a neat effect. I used to have front casters that flashed different colours as I wheeled around. That always amused people. The wUnderGlow certainly seem to be catching people’s attention. This is good.

So, first impressions are really positive. I’ll use the light a bit longer and come back to report if it lasts the distance. I’ll also try to get photos/video of the light on my chair :)